Weekly Review

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Quick update:

Monday worked all the way to 2 am. Really screwed up my bio clock.

Tuesday slept till noon which basically means that the day is wasted. Just did some quick and basic prep.

Wednesday prepared for a presentation but I couldn’t present because of the lack of time. The meeting overran in the end. What a disappointment.

Thursday got out of bed late because of lack of self-control. Took the day off and watched 2 movies on Netflix: Scent of a Woman and Blackkklansman. They were alright.

Friday went to the post office, attended group meeting, found out that North Acton staff accommodation and a nice property on UCL staff accommodation website were unavailable. A real bummer! Exercised though, but had a horrible sleep. Crazy flatmates were playing Overwatch all the way till 2 am +. Very inconsiderate of them. I was very angry and really wanted to lash out at them.

Saturday one day wasted because of a bad start. I hate this disturbance to my schedule and lifestyle. Really annoying and spoils my mood too. Made up my mind to look for a studio flat and live on my own. Quiet, safe, clean, firm mattress. That will be what I am looking for.

In summary, a terrible week with hardly any REAL work done. 3 sleep disturbance issues in 1 week! Unbelievable! I desperately need to settle down ASAP, mentally and physically.